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phoebebeloved asked: Top 5 ways to deflect unwanted sexual advances


Hi!! Okay this would be from my personal experience so there may be better ways to deal with this
1. If in public with people around and somebody is being overly insistent or is touching you, loudly ask them to stop. Like, assertively say it loud enough so that everybody around knows what’s going on so all their eyes with uncomfortably fall upon the person harassing you.

2. If you don’t want to abruptly start shouting at him, you can take a very threatening tone and quietly tell him to leave you alone or you WILL make a scene and won’t hold back and see then if he backs off. If not, then you can bring attention to yourself and the situation.

3. If a man catcalls me or follows or won’t leave me alone, my usual go to is to give the absolute coldest stare and say nothing as I glare at them. It usually annoys them and they’ll say something rude but they walk away anyways because they realize they’ll get no conversation out of me.

4. Most importantly, when you’re rejecting unwanted advances, don’t apologize. Don’t excuse yourself and don’t allow yourself to be questioned. Too many men think that women are being shy and timid when rejecting advances and that they really do like the attention. You often times need to be assertive in not wanting the attention, even if it makes them call you a bitch. Be a bitch. You’re not under any obligation to be kind and sweet to everyone just because you’re a lady. If they don’t leave you alone when you say you’re not interested, don’t be scared to get fiercer in your rejection, don’t salvage any feelings.

5. In fact, on top of not allowing yourself to be questioned, you can question them. Too often when women reject sexual advances, they’re asked if it’s because they have a boyfriend, they’re asked if they’re lesbians or prudes. If a man doesn’t leave you alone, start badgering him with questions. Why are you so desperate? Why did nobody teach you the meaning of no? Even dogs understand the word. Why do I need an excuse to not want you? Do you think you’re such a prize?


Ugh. I shaved my vagina for you, the least you can do is text back.